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  • Can Industrial Policy Save The American Economy?

    As the US struggles with Covid-19 and economic recovery, there's a revival of “industrial policy”—government -led efforts to favor certain industries in contradiction to market fundamentalism. An important new Boston Review forum takes on these issues.

  • Financing Stock Option Exercises In Private Companies: Insights From A Top Financial Advisor

    Equity comp in private companies can be profitable. Many are growing fast. But unlocking the value of stock without liquidity calls for special measures. I asked a financial advisor with expertise in this unique planning area how private company employees can finance the exercise of stock options.

  • A Sirius Tax Matter In Texas

    Roxanne Bland examines Sirius XM Radio Inc. v. Hegar, a case in which the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District ruled that Sirius’s receipts should be attributed to Texas, but hopefully the state supreme court will set it aright.

  • California Taxes Residents—Even Temporary Ones

    Are you a California resident if you are here temporarily, for work, health, etc.? It depends on your facts and circumstances. Passing through is OK, and so is a brief rest or vacation, or to complete a particular transaction. But beyond that it all depends.

  • Investors And Tax Pros Need To Recalibrate Their Risk Tolerance As Cryptocurrency Enters The Corporate Tax Ledger

    Whatever you think about digital assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, it's clear that cryptocurrency is going mainstream. And that’s creating some serious challenges for corporate tax departments who must now factor wild swings in valuation into their forecasting and impairment calculations.